Hey Vape friends, welcome to TVLRI! The "TVLRI" idea was driven when we realized that there was no market for e-cigs and vapor in Providence, Rhode Island. As of now we are proud to announce that we are the "only" vapor lounge in the whole great city of Providence.

At TVLRI, we are happy to supply our New England friends with a safe haven to come test out new and evolving e-juice flavors. Friends and family (18+) can join us in our comfortable environment, hang out for as long as you want and test out our wide variety of premium juices. We are in the market of providing healthy alternatives to smoking tobacco. If you have someone in mind that you would like to help quit smoking, bring them by. Think of our staff as bartenders for all things vape, with knowledge of all the products we carry, and the vapor market as a whole.

We invite you to visit our website, then come check us out in person at our Downtown Providence location, and feel free to ask us for recommendations and E-juice mixed cocktail ideas. Stop smoking and start Vaping with us at TVLRI!


Established in 2013.

TVLRI was created as a West Coast idea, but decided to bring the business to Providence, Rhode Island. It was the first and only Vape Shop in Providence at the time, and will remain a staple in the vape industry of Rhode Island.

Ownership Change 2019:

TVLRI was taken over by a long term employee, and continue to carry on the legacy as a brand new, fresh company. With the same lounge feel you know and love!